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​Welcome to the Web-site of a Messianic Jewish Lords' Witness (JLW) who has found his natural home in the Fourth True Christian Church of the Lords' Witnesses which unequivocally supports Messianic Judaism. It can provide such a function by paying equal reverence to both the Old and New Testaments of God's Word. This it can achieve through The Lords' Witnesses' bible decoding of the Hebrew and Greek texts of each of the Testaments respectively. Please feel free to read any of the JLW's introductory web pages and Bible research papers from the Jewish Lords' Witness Site Index.

Welcome to The Fourth and Last True Christian Church


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​​It is hoped that this web-site will reach out to anyone who feels that there is more to life than our immediate physical experience as well as all Jews, scientists, Jehovah's Witnesses and any other denominational Christians alike who are seeking the Truth. The Web-Master has touched the lives and been touched by the lives of all five of these categories of human beings to a significant extent and wishes to bring his current knowledge to bear with the hope of uniting these people together with Christ and therefore also with his father Jehovah by:

  • Demonstrating that the Holy Bible is truly God's way of communicating His wishes to us, His infant children on Earth.
  • Bringing true Christianity to the Jews who might actually suspect that Jesus Christ truly is our Messiah.
  • Demonstrating that the deep understandings of the Lords' Witnesses reconcile known science with the first book of the Bible, Genesis.
  • Identifying several serious errors with the First (Roman Catholic) and Third (Watchtower) True Christian Church  teachings and behaviour.

All of the above objectives are capable of being presented effectively due to the deep and wide-ranging understandings of Biblical Scripture that is the hallmark of the Lords' Witnesses as uncovered through their discovery of the True Bible Code. The Web-Master would not have been able to communicate such powerful messages to mankind prior to his time serving as a Lords' Witness. It is hoped that ALL people seeking the truth will also find something here to bring them closer to spiritual reality.

As if that were not enough this Web-Site presents the Web-Master's own bible research as encouraged by the Lords' Witnesses' President, Gordon. Whilst the JLW has contributed to LW accepted doctrine, the research papers presented on this web-site have not yet been adopted by The Lords' Witnesses as doctrinal understandings except where otherwise indicated throughout this web-site. 

There are several links to the Lords' Witnesses' spiritual food. The first is a succinct web-page on this site covering our main doctrines: 
Church Doctrine of the Lords' Witnesses. I have the honour of being the web-master for this page albeit under the church's presidential supervision. There are links from this web-site into the main web-site should you be interested in further detail in any specific topic area. I hope you find this tempts you into finding out more about our Church. If so, the next watering hole would be our introductory page which contains simplified versions of our main scriptural understandings and can be found  at: Introduction to the True Bible Code

You can find the official web-site of the Lords' Witnesses at: or

​​​​Stop Press: The Fourth Light

This is the JLW's first foray into writing science fiction.

If you would like a chance to read this in either e-book or paperback format please click on the following link for further details: 
The Fourth Light

I have also prepared some summary pages on the Lords' Witnesses Basic Beliefs. Key among these are the first two beliefs (Belief 1 - Hell is a Sin Bin and Belief 2 - 75% Saved into the Kingdom) that, together, represent the concept of Universal Salvation. ALL of mankind will eventually be saved. Lords' Witnesses, Jews, Christians, those of other faiths and those of no faith, those that love God, those that love their fellow man AND those that love neither God nor man. Your level of faith or love will determine whether you can serve in God's administration or be a citizen of the Kingdom. Your showing of repentance will determine how long and difficult it will be to attain salvation if you are not saved into God's Kingdom on Day 1.

​Bible references throughout this web site have been taken from the Green's Literal Translation except where there are significant deviations from the precise meaning or current understanding of the original Greek or Hebrew texts in which cases the King James Version, New World Translation or another direct literal translation has been used such as Young's Literal Translation.

If any of the messages on this Web-Site grabs your attention please email any queries to the Jewish Lords' Witness Help Desk. Please refer to the JLW Privacy Policy prior to any such submission.

Site Last Updated on 28th May 2024 with the paper: Prostitution.

CORONAVIRUS NOTIFICATION: In these days of the Coronavirus pandemic, visitors to this web-site might be interested to read a paper I wrote many years ago on the age-old war between viruses and the human immune system. Whilst the paper was written with regard to the common cold Adenovirus, it put me in a good position to understand the different battle tactics used by the Coronavirus as you may determine from my later paper Covid-19. I had no inkling at the time of writing the original paper that it might come to the fore years later, but it looks as if my writing of it was no accident given the current circumstances in which we find ourselves: Science Proves the Existence of God.

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