Church Law on Fornication and Adultery

[46] The LWs have no laws relating to how one should conduct one's general relationship with one's lover. We do not insist on chaperones or have rules about single women being alone with single men etc. We do not get involved in policing social relationships at all, other than to explain and to some extent enforce God's laws.

God does not want to regulate how you get your kicks and neither does his true church. He does want to regulate procreation in such a way as to provide a stable and loving environment for children to be brought up in as does his church. So we do outlaw fornication, adultery, homosexuality, incest etc.

The LW Doctrine on marriage is that every child has the right to a loving male genetic parent and a loving female genetic parent until that child is grown up which means 20 years old in biblical terms. The entire purpose of God laws on sexual behaviour is to ensure as far as is possible that the above family arrangement exists for every child.

Man and churches add a whole load of unscriptural sexual and sociological rules to God's laws on procreation and these merely serve to distract attention from the big picture which is babies' and childrens' rights.

No two people have the same view on sexual morality. So it is not surprising that God's sexual morality is very different from mankind's at this point. So be prepared to be shocked:

Fornication is the defiling with semen of a woman who is not your wife. It is putting your seminal emission into her private parts. This creates a situation where sperm can meet egg, where the two fleshes can join so protected sex is not fornication!

Adultery is defiling with semen the wife of another man or is being defiled by the semen of the husband of another woman. This creates a situation where sperm can meet egg, where the two fleshes can join so protected sex is not adultery! 

These definitions raise a lot of questions. Adultery carried the death penalty under the law of Moses. One cannot be put to death unless one has abused life actually or constructively. So no semen means no adultery. More Info:
Fornication and Adultery.

To compare LW doctrine with the doctrines of the Catholics, Lutherans, Anglicans, Baptists, Pentecostals, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons and Adventists click 

Lords' Witnesses Church Rules

[41] Women cannot be priests and therefore cannot give birth spiritually by baptism, just as men cannot give birth physically by getting pregnant. Women should have authority in a church just as the wife has authority in the family over the children but not over the husband. The whole church should be divided into spiritual family groups of at most 10 people with a male ministerial servant as the head of that group (his immediate spiritual family) and a female ministerial servant as his 'spiritual wife' looking after those 10 people with authority over them but in submission to her spiritual husband. Many people in a church find it easier to speak to a woman about their problems than a man, just as a child might confide in a mother rather than a father. The female ministerial servant and the male ministerial servant are not married in any sense; they are in a temporary spiritual parenting arrangement. In this way we ensure that no Lords' Witness comes from a single parent family. Regrettably the members of all the other christian churches come from single parent families. More Info:
The Role of Women in the Christian Church.

[42] Lords' Witnesses (LWs) have to attend the Lord's evening meal (the First New Covenant celebration), and should attend the greater festival of Booths (the Second New Covenant celebration), the Lord's morning meal, and have to observe the Day of Atonement by fasting for a 24 hour period once each year. It is noteworthy that these are the mandatory festivals laid down in the Law of the Old Testament Hebrew scriptures for the Jews. LWs must also obey the law of the church which is a series of things not to do. Apart from observance of the festivals there is no other work that LWs have to do to maintain their membership of the church. They do not have to evangelise, they do not have to do research, they do not have to teach, they do not have to do charitable works, they do not have to serve as overseers. They can choose to serve God however they wish with their own free will. As the good book says:

11 He gave some as apostles, some as prophets, some as evangelizers, some as shepherds and teachers (Ephesians 4).

They do, however, need to maintain their faith in our saviour Jesus Christ and their love of God and their brother until the end of this system of things. More Info:
The 3 Main Christian Festivals, the Second New Covenant celebration, the Angelic Tuxedo Covenant Celebration and the 2NC Pentecost Festival.

[43] The LWs celebrate the weekly sabbath of the law of Moses on the same day that the Jews celebrate it, i.e. from Friday evening to Saturday evening. This is a secular sabbath. It is a God given rest from secular work. However we do not enforce this as a burden, since Jesus taught that God made the sabbath for man not man for the sabbath. Jesus did not die to end the sabbath. He died to give us the opportunity to enter the 1,000 year sabbath of the Kingdom of God. Furthermore the sabbath system of God pre-dated the law of Moses by eons, since it appears in Genesis 1 and 2. So plainly the sabbath principle is still applicable today. We are not pharisaical about it like the Hassidic Jews however. It is supposed to be a holiday, a rest, not a further burden. It just means you can chill out physically, financially and spiritually without feeling guilty at all! The LWs also celebrate a land sabbath, which is a sabbath for the administration of the church, on a 50 month cycle rather than a 50 year cycle. This, we understand, is what the Law of Moses foreshadowed for this time. More Info:
The Weekly and Monthly Sabbath System of FDS4.

[44] In regard to disfellowshipping (i.e. excommunication or disconnection from the body of the church), regrettably a true church does have to throw out people who sin in such a way that under law they would have been stoned or cut off from the people (exiled). The law of Moses does not apply today, but Paul said that by law is the accurate knowledge of sin. He did not say that by law 'was' the accurate knowledge of sin. So the righteousness of the law is not obsolete, it is timeless, although the penalties no longer apply. The LWs give warnings for non-capital sins and give instant disfellowshipping for capital sins such as murder and idolatry and adultery etc. However, we do not shun people who have been thrown out. We still talk to them and discuss the scriptures with them and love them, but they cannot come to our meetings for 7 months after having been evicted. After 7 months, if they say that they are repentant, and if there is no immediately available evidence to the contrary, we re-admit them, which normally involves a re-baptism. More info:
The only instant Disfellowshipping Sins.

[45] Today we are under the ten commandments of Moses whilst not being under the Law of Moses. Also Jesus added two more commandments:

36 Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?
37 He said to him: You must love Jehovah your God with your whole heart and with your whole soul and with your whole mind.
38 This is the greatest and first commandment.
39 The second, like it, is this: You must love your neighbour as yourself.
 On these two commandments the whole Law hangs, and the Prophets (Matthew 22).

Whilst the Law of Moses did actually contain both of Jesus' two new commandments they were not as commandments but as Laws. Jesus elevated these two laws to come above the 10 commandments themselves! He elevated them to the status of the first and second commandments, which when added to the existing 10 commandments gives us 12 in all. But although the Law of Moses was 'ended' when Jesus was nailed to the stake, the justice embodied in that Law is as valid today and as perfect as it was in Jesus' day and in Moses' day 3500 years ago. Jesus died to end the physical restrictions of the law, to end the sacrificial obligations of the law and to end the brutal penalties of the law. However His death did not end or change the perfect judicial principles of God that the law made manifest to mankind through Moses. More Info:
The Power of the Law of Moses Today and the 12 Commandments.


[26] When Jesus was killed he died as a sacrificial lamb, his angelic body being offered up as a ransom for the loss of Adam's angelic body. Since Jesus died as an angel with everlasting life, he could gave Adam back his indefinitely lasting life and more, he gave him everlasting life. Consequently any human can gain everlasting life due to Jesus' angelic sacrifice and by being a son of Adam. There is a covenant between God and Jesus which we call the Angelic Ransom Covenant and an inferior covenant between Jesus and Adam which we call the Third Blessing Covenant. It is by these covenants that sons of Adam can attain everlasting angelic life. More Info:
The 3 Master Salvation Covenants, the FRC, the CRC and the ARC and the 3 Blessing Covenants, the 1BC, 2BC and 3BC.

[27] Jesus made the First New Covenant at the last supper on Thursday night March 31st 33 AD (Gregorian/true solar calendar). This covenant is for 144,000 people to be angelic kings ruling over the 1,000 year kingdom of God and for 12,000 reserve kings to take the places of those who abdicate or who sin so as to lose their crowns during that kingdom. These kings include Peter and John and the apostles (not Judas Iscariot). They form the new Holy Spirit of Jesus, Jesus' wife, His body (He being their head), in the kingdom of God. More Info:
The First New Covenant.

[28] The Jews had a large number of salvation covenants given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob which provided various promises for different salvation categories of mankind from God. Each of these covenants is an archetype which foreshadows a Christian covenant. Consequently there is more than one Christian covenant. In particular there is a Second New Covenant for 144,000 people to be kings not in heaven but on earth. These 144,000 earthly kings will be in one-to-one correspondence with the 144,000 heavenly kings in the kingdom of God. The Lords' Witnesses are the church of the second new covenant. More Info:
The Second New Covenant.

[29] The Lord's evening meal is the greater passover celebration of the Jews. Jesus upgraded it at the last supper. The Jews drink 4 cups of wine and eat 3 loaves, one of which is cut in two at this meal. The law of Moses required that it was eaten at midnight, the time of night when the passover angel struck, on Nisan14, in the Biblical Lunar Calendar. This meal should be eaten once a year, not once a week on Sundays at communion. As in the case of the Jewish passover, there are 4 cups that should be drunk at the last supper each of which represents a salvation covenant. We call the first cup the Faith Ransom Covenant (FRC), the second we call the Angelic Ransom Covenant (ARC), the third, drunk with the meal, we call the First Abrahamic Covenant (1AC) and the 4th, drunk after the meal, we call the First New Covenant (1NC). Each of these covenants provides a different level of resurrection into God's Kingdom to the varying statuses of faithful mankind as judged by Jesus Christ at the initiation of the Kingdom. The LWs are the only church to have fully Christianized the 4 cups of the Jewish Passover, as Jesus did on the night of the last supper. We know that the blood flows round the body so the wine is passed from one to another amongst the attendees at the meal. However the loaf is not passed around, it is given by the priest to each attendee individually. The LWs are the only church that understands this biological symbolism. The passover meal must be eaten with the cups and the loaves. This meal does not have to obey the law of Moses, since Jesus died to end the animal sacrifices of the law and the curse of the law. However one does have to eat a meal, and lamb with bitter greens and unleavened bread and wine are the obvious choices. More Info:
The 4 Cups of the Last Supper.


[24] Hades, the first death, is the death of the human body. Just before the body dies, the spirit is transferred into a sleeping angel, and is conscious of nothing. This is why Jesus described nearly all the people he resurrected, who were in fact dead, as being asleep. More Info: 
What is physical death?.

[25] Gehenna, the second death, Hell, is the loss of one's angelic body (whether one was alive in it as an angel or sleeping in it in the first death as a dead human). Gehenna is a place of torment, but not a place of physical torture. Those in Gehenna can see and communicate as spirits but do not have a body and do not have a soul. More Info:
What the Hell is Gehenna and why does God permit Demon Possession?.

Body and Soul

[21] Every person, be they angelic or human or divine, has a spirit which is the character of that person, and has a body, which is either human or angelic or divine. The spirit and the body together are called a soul. A soul must be self sustaining. A dead soul is a dead body from which the spirit has departed. The spirit never dies in any child of God, human or angelic. That is the love that God has for his kids. One cannot love a terminated spirit and God is love. More Info:
What is a Soul? What is a Spirit?.

[22] A human foetus becomes a human being, a living soul, at around the 22nd week of pregnancy. That is the 22nd week after the last period which is generally around the 20th week from conception. There is an EEG brain activity burst around the 22nd week after the last period or the 20th week after conception, the two halves of the brain being connected at that time. Abortion in the 22nd week looks like a bad idea but abortion in the 20th week may be just about OK. We think the spirit of God enters perhaps between weeks 20 and 22 from the last period causing that brain activity. The foetus becomes human when God 'blows into its nostrils', which we think may stand for the human spirit upgrade entering both halves of the brain. Also at this time we believe the foetus becomes a 'breather' in the sense that it could derive enough oxygen to survive from some form of assisted breathing. The word soul means breather, and God blew his spirit into the nostrils of Adam, so breathing would seem to be a prerequisite for housing a spirit in a human body. With the best technology in mankind's possession at present we can keep a foetus alive on a respirator at 22 weeks minimum. So it looks like weeks 20-22 are when God loads the spirit into the foetus. More Info:
When is abortion murder?Even More Info:Abortion.

[23] A human being is born again when he is given an angelic body in heaven. This can occur without him realising it and whilst he is still in his human body or it can occur when he is resurrected from physical death. When a human is baptised in holy spirit, spirit sanctified, he becomes a saint and gains an angelic body. More Info:
How is one born again without dying?.


[17] Adam and Eve were real human beings; a man and a woman. They were the first human beings who were able to reproduce sexually. However they were not the first human beings. Pre-adamic (aka pre-historic) man existed before Adam and Eve and reproduced asexually as the angels do. Adam and Eve put mankind into mass production, which we call reproduction in the context of procreation. The fossil record shows the existence of pre-adamic man; this is undeniable. No pre-adamic man lived longer than 50 years. That is an archeological finding and is also provable from the scriptures. Furthermore there is archeological evidence that pre-adamics did not link sex to pregnancy. Pre-adamics were sexually active but did not reproduce by that means. The Lords' Witnesses is the only church, as far as we are aware, that accepts a form of human existed on the earth before the creation of the man, the son that God called Adam. More Info:
Pre-adamic man. Adam was created in precisely the same way that Jesus was created. Adam was born by immaculate conception to pre-adamic parents as Jesus was born by immaculate conception to Jewish pre-christian parents. Adam was born again aged 30 gaining an angelic body. Immanuel was born again when he was baptised aged 30, becoming an angel. Eve was created by God's baptism of a fully grown pre-adamic woman whom he chose for Adam. More Info:Who were Adam and Eve?Even More Info:The Fundamental Pattern.

[18] All of mankind is judicially dead (needing to be born again) since we are subject to the death sentence passed upon Adam due to his original sin. This is why we age and die. We all exist by virtue of the stay of execution that God granted Adam. This type of death, Adamic death, is passed on to our children entirely and exclusively through our genes. Were mankind, as a race, to conquer ageing and gain indefinite life by our own research we would have outsmarted God. When Jesus said: Let the dead bury their dead (Luke 9:60), he meant let the judicially dead bury their physically dead. When one is born again, one is no longer judicially dead. 
More Info:How is one Born Again and How is one resurrected.

[19] Mankind thinks that sexual reproduction and marriage are the natural way to procreate, but they are not. Mankind is judicially dead, condemned by one sentence passed on Adam which applies to all of his children. Marriage is an institution for the dead which exists to protect the rights of a child to have two parents, a man and a woman. Never before in the history of life has God permitted his children to reproduce without his direct permission. Mankind are permitted to create life for God, without a case by case consent because we are dead and our children are dead. The institution of marriage is God's regulation of the procreation of the dead. When one has everlasting life perhaps marriage is not such a good idea! More Info:
Pre-adamic man.

[20] The Lords' Witnesses recognise that Status is the real opium of the masses today not Religion. Although religious leaders with high status are still pretty effective opiates. Mankind will readily accept as gospel the opinions of people with high status, such as celebrities, world leaders, leaders of mainstream churches or large media organisations. Status is the drug Satan uses to control us all through a few chosen corrupt leaders. He makes us dependent upon status with elaborate glorification ceremonies and then he only has to corrupt a few people with high status in order to control all of mankind through them. This is Satan's M.O.

Regrettably Mankind will readily accept the judgement of a high status person rather than judging a matter for himself. Most people fail to realise that with high status comes highly corrupting influences, so a man with no status will almost always make a better judgement than a man with high status. This is because the man with no status has no agenda running to preserve his status. The subtle application of this status trap occurs when the high status individual is running a true church. It is just as serious a sin to idolize him as it is to idolize a world leader or a worldly celebrity. The Watchtower fell due to idolatry by their leaders. The congregation died due to idolatry of those leaders. The catholics obviously idolize the pope. Most churchgoers are idolaters of the administration of their church. Almost no one makes the effort to judge spiritual or doctrinal matters for themselves. It is as if we are all desperate to throw away our free will and fling ourselves at the feet of the nearest high status person. This is as true of Christians as it is of Elvis fans. Until we can give Jesus an answer to his question...

57 Why do you not judge for yourself what is righteous (Luke 12)

we are base idolaters of those to whom we subcontract out our judgement. We are an insult to the one who gave us free will. We deny that we are made in the image of a free willed God. No idolater is acting as an image of God.

The solution to this problem is to go cold turkey on status. To God, the entire US government has no more status than a starving African mother in a UN refugee camp. Her opinion is just as valid as the entire US government's position. This is why Jesus chose the smelly fishermen of Galilee to carry God's divine wisdom to the perfumed Pharisees of Jerusalem. It is why he chose the Jew from the strictest sect of the Pharisees, Paul, to carry his divine salvation plan to the Gentile emperors of Rome, not the other way around. The higher and more global the status of a person or an individual, the less work Satan has to do to corrupt his admirers. The solution to this, the inoculation against this corruption, is to admire people with great love, rather than people with great status. To be saved we each must pursue love not status. For love is the glory of God, but status is the glory of man.

The Angels

[12] Satan was the first angel that God created, the firstborn angel of God, the firstborn son of Jehovah. He was originally called Lucifer (light carrier, light bearer, light bringer), before he started opposing God (Satan means adversary or opposer). God created all angels and all humans with free will; consequently it was inevitable that all of us would rebel and break his laws at some point early on in our lives as Adam did. No free willed being has never sinned except Jehovah. Presumably Jehovah conquered sin in his mind before he created any other free willed beings and defined righteousness for them. More info:
An introduction to Satan, Michael, Gabriel.

[13] Satan is the firstborn angel and originally had the rights of the firstborn. God initially did everything through Satan. God created the whole physical universe through him as chief executive and Satan was the head of the first Holy Spirit. Satan enticed Eve to sin by offering her the status of a God. Once he had tricked her into killing her husband, using sexual desire to lure Adam into sinning, Satan became a murderer and so was sentenced to death since God's justice is soul for soul. Satan was sentenced to lose his angelic soul. Being the head of the first Holy Spirit, his sentence destroyed that marriage. So the first Holy Spirit was disbanded. God therefore lost his first wife (actually Satan effectively murdered her). Adam's sin opened mankind up to knowledge of both good and bad. The school in which we have learned about these things is called 'the world' in biblical terminology. The world began with Adam's sin and has been ruled by Satan for 6,000 years. Satan is the heavenly headmaster of this world but it is God who runs the Board of Governors of the school. The headmaster following Satan, is Jesus. When the kindergarten of Satan ends, those who pass the entrance exam of faith and love, will enter into the grammar school, the grade school of Jesus, which is the Kingdom of God. More Info:
Satan is the ruler of this system of things.

[14] When Satan was sentenced, Jesus did a deal with him symbolised by the bowl of soup transaction between Jacob and Esau. Jesus having agreed to ransom Adam, became Adam's constructive father. He therefore owned mankind in biblical patriarchal law. He sold rulership of mankind to Satan for 6,000 years in return for Satan's firstborn angelic rights. He then used these rights to reform a second Holy Spirit for God. Jesus could not fully restore the Holy Spirit until he died and gave the ransom that he had promised to God. At that point the Holy Spirit was restored and therefore could be poured out at Pentecost and the helper became fully available to mankind. This is why Jesus promised to send the helper, the comforter, in the Gospel of John, after he died. More Info:
The 6,000 Year Red Stew.

[15] Michael and Gabriel were later born angels compared with Satan, the firstborn angel. Michael's role is as our saviour we now know. But who was Gabriel? Through our understandings, the Lords' Witnesses have determined that, amongst other things, the angel Gabriel possessed the physical body of John the Baptist prior to the baptism of Jesus Christ since only a holy angel of God can preside over the possession of a human by another holy angel. However since John the Baptist was himself a holy one of God, who presided over Gabriel's possession of him? The answer is God's holy priest Melchezedek who, in the form of Simeon, baptised John at the commencement of his water baptising. These three characters: Michael, Gabriel and Melchizedek were God's main team members enabling him to achieve his purposes for mankind and the angels. More info:
Gabriel was John the BaptistEven More Info:Melchizedek was Cainan in the post flood system and Jared in the pre flood system and Even More Info:The 15 non adamic humans.

[16] Angels are male and female just as humans are. Sex is a tutor to love and all God's children are male and female until they have perfect love, at which point they become Gods to be worshipped, who are asexual since they no longer need that tutor. Angels do not reproduce sexually; they reproduce in a manner similar to the immaculate conception of Jesus. More Info:
Pre-adamic man.

God's Purpose

[10] God invented Love. Hence the scriptures say 'God is Love'. If you study the understandings of this church you will see the unbreakable eternal love that God has for all of his children, for every human being who ever lived, and for every angel ever born including Satan himself. You will see what perfect love is. You will not see any Lords' Witnesses demonstrate this kind of love very often, however, for we are as sinful as the next person. Through our understandings, though, you will at least see man's potential, our capability for perfect sin-free love, and you will see our and your own future. Mankind has free will but no sin is sustainable, so we will all have perfect love in the time to come. We choose when that day comes but it may be a very long way away for some of us. Nonetheless God will teach us and discipline us and love us until the day that we each become a true child of his, a person with the kind of love that he already has, i.e. a God.

[11] God will eventually save everyone, even Satan. For the good book says that God will do everything that is his delight (Isaiah 46:10). So if he does everything he wants, and if he wants everyone not to be destroyed but to repent (2Peter 3:9), then we will all repent and therefore be saved...

21 For since death is through a man, resurrection of the dead is also through a man.
For just as in Adam all are dying, so also in the Christ all will be made alive (1 Corinthians 15).

We will all become his born again sons. He will eventually give us all everlasting life once we have learned the rules of sustainable morality without which everlasting life is impossible. The greatest lesson that the angels and humans will ever get which proves categorically that sin is unsustainable is Armageddon, the self annihilation of mankind. God is going to permit us to destroy all our human souls in order to teach us once and for all that sin is eventually terminal for any group of free willed beings.


At Armageddon, time runs out for this Earth. After Armageddon, God will resurrect all of us and show us all the video and say to those who caused our destruction: OK boys, where do you think you went wrong there then? More Info:
The Armageddon Equation and the Corruption Equilibrium and Even More Info:How Can Mankind Avoid Armageddon?.

The Godhead

[5] God is not a trinity. He is an individual spirit being called Jehovah or Yahweh. He created the angels, the universe and mankind. The trinity is a 3rd century fabrication encapsulated in the Athanasian Creed originally used by the Roman Catholic church and latterly most protestant churches today.

"The Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is God, and yet there are not three Gods but one God."

Logic demands that 3 Gods are 3 Gods not one God. Obviously 1 does not equal 3 and the trinity is an attempt to brainwash the congregation into believing this lie, which is abandoning their numeracy. Likewise it defines a son as being uncreated, which contradicts the definition of a son and brainwashes the congregation into abandoning their literacy as well as their numeracy. More Info:
The Top Ten Trinity Busters.

[6] The Lords' Witnesses, and a few other enlightened churches, have determined that Jesus Christ is Jehovah God's son and Jehovah is Jesus Christ's Father and that they are not the same person. Jesus Christ was born as a human child named Immanuel. At age 30 Immannuel was raptured into a heavenly angelic body at his baptism and the spirit of the Archangel Michael possessed the body of Jesus Christ in his place. Michael emptied himself from his angelic form and entered into Jesus at his baptism. So Jesus, from his baptism to his death, contained the spirit of the archangel Michael in the human body of the immaculately conceived Immanuel. Scripture tells us that the spirit that possessed Jesus Christ was clearly not that of Jehovah God since he prayed to Jehovah, and no one prays to himself. More Info:
The Top Ten Trinity Busters.

[7] Michael, whom all Christians (including the LWs) refer to as Jesus, was given his father's name Jehovah, at his resurrection. Having God's name as your surname, is having his status. Jesus became a God to be worshipped like his father when he was resurrected. The reason God elevated him in this way is that Jesus by his righteousness, his love and his suffering carried God's reputation on his shoulders and his actions confirmed God's divinity. Had he failed, then God's divinity would have been denied. God having given his divine reputation to Jesus before he passed the test, gave his divine status to Jesus after he passed the test. So God gave his divine status to Jesus as a gift, since he had carried it successfully as a burden. So after his resurrection Jesus became the only begotten Son of God, in the bosom position of his Father, who is the only unbegotten God. More Info:
When Jesus gave his life for us, he became the second God to be worshipped like his father Jehovah.

[8] Today, the LWs worship the two Gods, Jehovah and Jesus (Michael). We refer to our second God as Jesus or Michael interchangeably. We are the only church today which recognises the divinity of Jesus without having him as a part of Jehovah or of an illogically defined trinity. So we are the only church that recognises Jesus as an individual God in his own right. Therefore we say Gods' Bless and we are the Lords' Witnesses, being witnesses for two Gods, Jehovah and Jesus. We can pray to Jehovah or to Jesus or to both of them. Simply put every Christian church in the entire world worships either one God (unitarian) or three Gods (trinitarian). But actually folks - there are two Gods that we should be worshipping! More Info:
When Jesus gave his life for us, he became the second God to be worshipped like his father Jehovah.

[9] The Holy Spirit is God's heavenly administration, heavenly Jerusalem, the Jerusalem above. It is 144,000 angels covenanted to God as his helper to rule over the heavens and the earth. It is his wife, and the mother of the saints. It is all the holy spirits in the Holy Spirit covenant. The Holy Spirit is described by John, in his gospel, as the helper. This is not a coincidence. Just as Eve was a complement and helper to Adam so the Holy Spirit is God's helper, and a complement to him. It is his wife. It is Jesus' mum. The three: Jehovah, The Holy Spirit and Jesus, are a family. They are Father, Mother and Son, for Jesus did not come from a single parent family as all other churches would have you believe! You have now met God's family. The family unit is how God runs everything in Heaven and on Earth. More Info:
The Holy Spirit is God's Wife!

[1] The original bible scriptures (which are presently lost to mankind) were inspired by God and written by men, all of whom were sons of Jacob. It was perfect for the job of teaching mankind sustainable morality, the laws we need which prevent us from destroying ourselves. The copies we have today are good enough for God's purpose at this time. The Old Testament is the story of an angry God rescuing his youngest children (mankind) from his errant angelic son (Satan) who had kidnapped them and held them to ransom. The Gospels are the story of that ransom paid by Jesus, and of the love and righteousness which together form the morality of God and of his son, Jesus Christ, who was found to be without sin throughout his entire ministry. The rest of the New Testament is the story of the early Christian Church. More info: The Bible and its Translations.

[2] The bible contains the minimum set of laws that mankind needs to obey in order to live in a morally sustainable way. If any society of free willed beings continually breaks any one of the 10 commandments, or one of the further two laws of Moses that Jesus elevated to the status of commandments, then it will annihilate itself. Mankind is beginning to learn that we have no future unless we live in an environmentally sustainable way. We are beginning to learn how not to destroy our planet. Christianity is God's attempt and the Lords' Witnesses' website is our attempt to teach mankind to live in a morally sustainable way. We have not made much progress in learning how not to destroy our society. If we fail in either regard, we annihilate our species. More Info:
The Power of the Law of Moses Today and the 12 Commandments.

[3] The Bible is a deliberately ambiguous and fragmented book. This is not a result of the negligence of a God who could not arrange to record facts in a coherent order or express himself in an unambiguous way. It is the mechanism by which God reveals the truth only to those who love him enough to put the jigsaw together and to work through the ambiguity. The ambiguity and fragmentation enables an unscrupulous or lazy reader to draw the conclusion he wants and many a church was set up on such incorrect conclusions. This is why one must keep on searching, keep on knocking and keep on asking one's whole life.

Only when you have harmonized every scripture on a subject do you have God's view. Only when you have addressed every possible ambiguity and eliminated them all except one, from logic or from other scriptures, do you have the true meaning of the scripture you are considering. It is hard. It is set at the limit of our intelligence but it is not set beyond that limit. The Lords' Witnesses' (LWs) position is that God is more intelligent than us. His book is the ultimate academic treatise and, when we think we see a mistake in the Holy Word of God, what we are seeing is a mistake in our own grasp of that Word. We do not find any mistakes that God has made. He will find every mistake that we have made. More Info:
Why is the bible code so complicated and why is the book so ambiguous?

[4] The LWs have discovered that the bible is written in a symbolic grammatical code. The nouns acting as nouns in every individual bible story obey two simple counting rules. This code is the key to understanding the greater meanings of bible accounts. Even literal stories of Abraham or Jacob or David have greater meanings which apply today. Joseph and Daniel interpreting dreams of Pharaohs and Kings, and Jesus explaining the parables of the sower and the weeds in the field, and John recounting his visions in Revelation, help us to see how that code works. The code proves that the bible is inspired (i.e. it represents the Word of God) and can be used to determine which books or parts of books are canonical.

The greatest difficulties in bible interpretation are working out whether a scripture is meant literally or symbolically and, whilst the words always apply back when they were written, the question arises as to when else do they also apply if at all. The bible code answers these questions for each scripture. So for example we know that Revelation 17 had a meaning for John in the first century wherein the 'beast' was the Roman Catholic church (a union of all early churches) but has a different meaning for us in the 21st century, wherein the 'beast' is the United Nations (a union of all late nations). We know it from the code. All other churches mix these meanings up. It is the LWs knowledge of that code that has provided the richness, precision and common sense of our scriptural understandings which no other church has today as far as we know. More Info:
Revelation Decoded.

The Bible

Fundamental Church Doctrine

Congratulations for having got through the previous four web-pages of my stuff (always assuming, of course, that you have actually read them!) and welcome to an introduction to the Protestant Christian church which we believe to be the most sensible church in the world. We make this claim given the common sense but scripturally sound approach we take in the formulation of our doctrinal understandings.

These understandings are based on our acknowledgement of the power of God's Holy Word through our recognition that the bible was written in a code. This code is both grammatical and symbolic and is based on the nouns utilised in scripture. It follows a set of rules which are common to both the Hebrew Old Testament and Greek New Testament writings. (For an in-depth statement of the rules governing that code, should you be so inclined, please check out the following web page on our main web-site: 
True Bible Code). This code is not the artifice of the fiction writer's pen in an attempt to make a fast buck; although behind every false statement there is always a true treasure. Let the reader of this web-site be the judge. All of our doctrinal understandings have come from the holy scriptures; none of this material has come from our own machinations except, perhaps, where we may have inadvertantly misunderstood our God's Word. One acid test we always apply to each of these understandings, however, is to ask the question: 'Does it make sense? Is this what we would expect of our loving and all-powerful Father in heaven?' If our understanding in any matter does not pass this test then we know that it is clearly incorrect. How many other churches ask themselves these two questions about their own doctrine I wonder?

Our investigations into understanding the Word of God have placed this church in the privileged position of having a clear insight into God's plan and intentions for mankind without the paraphenalia, gobbledegook and ethereal mysteries that are the trademark of all other churches as far as we can tell. The priesthoods of those other churches maintain power over their congregations by exploiting their false mystical and illogical teachings to keep their flocks in a state of ignorance, fear and in faithfulness to the cause of the priesthood rather than God's true purpose.

Our basic doctrine is presented below and we hope that you will agree that this represents a major step change in the sharing of the knowledge of our Holy Father amongst anyone who is genuinely interested to understand his place in God's creation. Yes folks, you do not even need to be baptised by our church in order to share its glory from God as the Fourth and Last True Christian Church in this system of things, the Church of the Lords' Witnesses (LWs). All you need to do is read and consider and rationally examine our doctrines to see whether they have the ring of truth or are the work of controlling priests. Do our doctrines show God's love to you and empower you to have a closer relationship with him, or do they empower our priesthood to interpose themselves between you and your God?

We do not attempt fully to prove the understandings from the scriptures in this doctrinal statement. But do not worry, we have done the research necessary to prove them in our opinion! The interested reader will find these literal symbolic and cryptic treasures fully explained through the links sprinkled throughout.

So if you are that interested reader please progress on to The Fundamental Church Doctrine section below.

For the really interested reader I provide the Lords' Witnesses Contact Details:

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Feel free to contact any of the above by phone or by email to ask questions or to arrange a bible discussion.

Introduction to the Church of the Lords' Witnesses

Church Doctrine of the Lords' Witnesses

Jewish Lords' Witness

Date of Publication: 14th November 2009

The Kingdom of God

[36] The Kingdom of God, which Jesus preached, is the next heavenly administration of earth. It is run by God and Jesus and the 144,000 First New Covenant (1NC) kings from heaven and Melchizedek and the mediator of the Second New Covenant (2NC) and the 144,000 Second New Covenant (2NC) kings on earth. It is divided up into 144,000 individual kingdoms each with an earthly king and a corresponding heavenly king working in partnership. This Kingdom is coming to earth in the next few years, so we are the generation which will see the greatest contrast in political leadership ever experienced by mankind. We will see the worst that Satan, the present ruler of this world, has to offer the nearer we get to the physical end of this world, and then we will see what Jesus has to offer at the beginning of the next world, the Kingdom of God. In that Kingdom every physical miracle that Jesus performed in his ministry will happen as a matter of course to everyone. So there will be no disability, no ill health, no demonic influence at all, and if you die in an accident you will be instantly resurrected. God will cease to be our estranged step father and start being our live 'at home' father.

There will be perfect justice in the Kingdom, because the angels will not only see everything and hear everything as they presently do, but will tell us whatever we want to know. No matter will be concealable from a court, so lying will be pointless. Mankind will no longer compete for the glory of man, we shall co-operate for the glory of God, which is love. Out of free will we will choose the path of moral sustainability, understanding that freedom requires sacrifice, happiness is putting love first, and love both demands and requires that we obey the law of God. That law is the perfect soil in which to grow everlasting love between free willed spirits and which is the only soil which gives us a permanent future.

Oh yes and we will all live in perfect non-ageing bodies. Sure, they will still look like us, but they will look better than we did when we were 21! We will have no 'bad hair' days, and we will have the energy of children for 1,000 years. More Info:
New Jerusalem and the Great Crowd of Revelation 7:9.

[37] Half of mankind enter into the Kingdom of God on earth and the other half enter into Hell (aka Gehenna) which is a prison. The Kingdom of God lasts for 1,000 years. The maximum sentence in Hell is also 1,000 years which only applies to those who are unrepentant. Repentant people can get early parole. The purpose of Hell is to rehabilitate those who are genuinely willing, and to prevent everyone therein from corrupting the Kingdom of God, which is an almost unimaginable paradise where everyone lives for love rather than for status. More Info:
50% Survive Armageddon and 50% do not.

[38] The dead of mankind going back to Adam are resurrected in reverse order (the first will be last) during the first 500 years of the Kingdom of God. Consequently every faithful son and daughter has a chance to welcome his or her dead faithful parents into the Kingdom of God. We can thereby repay our parents for their love and introduce them to the next system in the way that they introduced us to this one. The unrighteous from the past are resurrected into Gehenna (Hell). More Info:
The Righteous and Unrighteous Resurrection Timetables for the Kingdom of God.

[39] Christ's crucifixion scene, as worded in the gospel of Luke has much more to say to mankind than is believed to be the case by any other church than the Lords' Witnesses:

39 But one of the hung evildoers began to say abusively to him: You are the Christ, are you not? Save yourself and us.
40 In reply the other rebuked him and said: Do you not fear God at all, now that you are in the same judgment?
41 And we, indeed, justly so, for we are receiving in full what we deserve for things we did; but this [man] did nothing out of the way.
42 And he went on to say: Jesus, remember me when you get into your kingdom.
 And he said to him: Truly I tell you today, You will be with me in Paradise (Luke 23).

The questions that the Lords' Witnesses have asked about this scene are: What are these two bit-part actors doing at the climax of our salvation? Why did God permit them into his son's big scene? The answer is that they are declaring that the evil-doer/sinner with faith will be with Jesus in paradise but that the evil-doer/sinner without faith will not. Furthermore 50% of those who go into the first death, as Jesus did, will have put faith in the kingdom and be saved, and 50% who go into the first death will be abusive to the Kingdom and not be with him in paradise but will reside in Gehenna.The crucifixion scene represents all of mankind together with their saviour split into the sheep on the one hand and the goats on the other. So 50% of mankind get resurrected into Paradise and the other 50% get resurrected into Gehenna (aka Hell). The two men, representing the sheep and the goats, do not differ at all in sin, they differ only in faith.

But there is much more here. For example, no man goes into everlasting cutting off because even the abusive evil-doer dies at the side of Jesus which is telling us that he is also saved by Jesus' blood eventually. The crucifixion scene is telling us that Jesus' sacrifice saves all mankind eventually including the abusive sinners who will not all be with Him in paradise.

The crucial realisation here is that Jesus, the faithful sinner and the abusive sinner are all in the same judgement (verse 40). They are all resurrected, they all get everlasting life, and they all become Gods eventually through the sacrificial blood of Jesus although the abusive sinner will need to come successfully through the lessons of Gehenna first in order to arrive at a paradisical state. This is because God loves the abusive sinner as much as he loves his firstborn son Jesus Christ and He will not give up on any of us just as most human fathers will not give up on any of their sons. More Info:
The Crucifixion Scene.

[40] Faith is not a blind belief in the logically unsupportable or the scripturally unprovable. It is not believing what your church has believed for hundreds of years nor is it accepting what your priest says. Paul defines it as

1 Faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities though not beheld (Hebrew 11).

In other words faith is what you see with your mind from the scriptures which you cannot see with your eyes. It is what the bible assures you is true, but for which there is little physical evidence from this world. It is having the courage of your spiritual deductions.

The Church of the Lords' Witnesses

[32] You do not have to be a Lords' Witness to be saved prior to the end of the world. You merely need to have love as described in the parable of the sheep and the goats. This has never been true before. Prior to the end of the world those who were saved had to have faith in God and had to obey their consciences to a reasonable extent and own up to their mistakes. You did not need to be a Christian to be saved before the time of the end and neither do you need to be a Christian to be saved during the time of the end. Abraham was given the first promise in Genesis 12 before he got the circumcision and whilst he was outside of any religion. Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Christians, and all people have all been saved in the past on the basis of their faith and their integrity to their consciences. But in order to be saved at the end of the world, you will have to join the final administration (aka Zoar) of the Lords' Witnesses, which is headed by the 144,000 descended 1NC Saints (see item 36 below), between the dates 2012Elul17 and 2013Heshvan27. More Info:
Genesis 19: Armageddon, and the greater destruction of Sodom by volcanic fire, the greater flood of Noah.

[33] There have been four true Christian churches in total. The first True Christian church was set up by Jesus himself, during His ministry, with Peter as the first president. This first church was corrupted by the Roman empire from 69 AD onwards and became the Roman Catholic Church. Subsequently (in 79 BC) Peter repented and left the Roman Catholic Church and joined the second True Christian Church founded by the apostle Paul (the Gnostic church). The Jehovah's Witnesses were the third True Christian Church of this system of things. In a latter day parallel with the first century christian churches, the Jehovah's Witnesses lost their status in God's eyes as a true Christian Church in 2004 as a result of their becoming a NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) affiliated to the United Nations and being unrepentent about the issue. The Lords' Witnesses took up the mantle and became the fourth and final True Christian Church after its founder, Gordon, was disfellowshipped from the Jehovah's Witnesses and founded a new church. The fourth True Christian Church started its life in this system of things but will continue through into the Kingdom of God as it becomes manifest on earth. More Info:
The 4 True Christian Churches.

[34] The Lords' Witnesses do not have a monopoly on correct bible interpretation. No religion, whether true or false, ever has had that. The Holy Spirit can give a true interpretation to anyone with faith who can read. Being a true religion does not mean that you get everything right. The LWs believe passionately in doctrinal repentance. We are the church of 1,000 corrected mistakes, and that is why our interpretations are so good. We do not believe in a church doctrine laid down in stone by founding fathers, and not changed for eons thereafter. Churches who follow the so called apostles creed today are fossilized and dead and therefore false churches. Every Lords' Witness is a potential founding father of the church, today and tomorrow, with the opportunity to lay a doctrinal foundation stone or to remove one that should not be there. So we publicly admit doctrinal and chronological and prophetic mistakes. Any church which does not admit mistakes is not a Christian church, because if you follow Christ, you are repentant. Repentance is a principle that does not only apply to individuals, it applies equally to entire administrations, congregations and churches. Jesus said that we must become as little children if we are to enter into the Kingdom of God. Little children trip up a lot and they do not try to hide it. More Info:
The Church of the 2NC, the Lords' Witnesses, the 4th True Christian Church, the Church of 1,000 corrected mistakes, Institutional Papal fallibility.

[35] It is the purpose of the LW priesthood to empower every member of the congregation to become a one person church; someone who will serve God faithfully despite the church or in the absence of the church. The hierarchy of loyalty of a true Christian should be God and Jesus, then his conscience, then the law of the church, then the opinion of his church overseer. It is the job of a church to strengthen the relationship between the conscience of each believer and God, not to interpose themselves between the two. Then if for any reason the believer leaves the church he will not lose his relationship with God and will therefore be saved, amen. Adversely many people upon leaving the Roman Catholic Church or the Watchtower or any fundamental church either discard God or discard the bible or discard organised religion. By building the believer's relationship with God, we try to ensure that the first two of these rejections do not occur. 


[30] A baptism is a cleansing for entrance into a salvation covenant. It is a washing in the blood of the mediator of that covenant. More Info:
What exactly is Baptism?.

[31] There are three salvation baptism tests available to mankind. A baptism by men or angels into citizenship of the kingdom (in the past due to faith and at the end due to love), a baptism by men in water into a true church, and a baptism by men or angels in holy spirit, a sanctification, which is being born again, which is gaining an angelic body. Those who pass the baptism test of obeying the law of their conscience and repenting when they break that law, are sealed in the flesh by the angels and will be citizens in the Kingdom of God on earth. Those who pass the water baptism test of a true church, which is obeying the law of the church and repenting when they break that law, are sealed in the flesh as priests by the angels and will be priests in the Kingdom of God on earth. Saints who are spirit baptized inside the church have only to pass the test of obeying the law of the true church (presumably with a bit more persecution by Satan during that test than the water baptised guys get). Saints who are spirit baptized outside the church have to first of all find the true church and join it under persecution and then pass the test of obeying the law of that church under further persecution. If they pass that test then they are sealed in the spirit by the angels which means they are granted everlasting life. This gives them the right to be both angels and humans in the Kingdom of God and thereafter for ever. They become Kings or Lords (administrators) in the Kingdom of God. More Info:
The 3 Master Salvation Covenants, the FRC, the CRC and the ARC and the 3 Blessing Covenants, the 1BC, 2BC and 3BC.