​​This is the Privacy Policy of the Jewish Lords’ Witness

The Jewish Lord’s Witness (JLW) is an individual who is a baptised member of the Church of the Lords’ Witnesses.  The JLW is the data controller and processor of your information under the conditions of the Data Protection Act 2018. The 2018 Act replaced the 1998 Data Protection Act from May 25 2018. This privacy policy applies to the jewishlordswitness.com website. As data controller for the website, the JLW acts with full transparency of the enquirers’ data that he holds and manages. The JLW can be contacted via the
Help Desk Form.


The JLW takes your privacy seriously and is committed to protecting your personal information that you have shared with me. The statement below explains how the JLW collects and uses the information which you give me.

My aim is to safeguard your privacy whilst providing a personalised and valuable spiritual experience. Collecting personal information is necessary if I am to satisfy the expectations and requirements of my helpdesk enquirers.

My commitment to you:

  • I will collect, process and use the personal data that you share with me in a way that is transparent and with your explicit consent.
  • I will only hold and use the personal data that you share with me in the ways you say I can.
  • You have the right to amend or withdraw your consent about the ways in which I hold and use your personal data at any time.
  • I will always respect your personal data rights as detailed in current data protection legislation.
  • As a responsible website owner, I will always comply with my responsibilities and obligations as detailed in current data protection legislation.
  • Where I have your consent to do so, I may share the information that you provide to me with other individuals and organisations with whom I am working. I will tell you who they are when I ask for your consent to do this. If you do not want me to share your data with them, you simply need to tell me. You can also amend your consent at any time by contacting me.
  • The only personal data that I keep is that which you explicitly share with me.
  • I will do all that I can to protect the personal data that you share with me through reasonable technical safeguards and measures.
  • I will make sure I manage your data in line with the rights that you have under the 2018 Data Protection Act, including the right to object or restrict the ways in which I process your data and your right to request the erasure of your data.
  • I will always comply with the current UK Information Commissioner’s Office guidance.

All the data that I use is held in accordance with the requirements laid out in current data protection legislation. If you have any requests concerning your personal information or any questions about how I manage your data, please contact me via the
Help Desk Form.


Ways in Which I Use Your Personal Information

The only area of my website that collects personal data is the
Help Desk Form, in which I ask you to provide your name and email address to enable me to contact you with information you request. I also retain your details when you email me with a further enquiry or request so that I can respond effectively to you. I do not collect information about the things you do on the website except where you explicitly share those with me.

I do not analyse the personal information you provide in any way except to enable me to respond to your enquiries and do not make use of additional information sources to help me build a better profile of you. The only information I retain access to is that which you explicitly share with me.

I keep your personal information until such time as you may request its deletion.

I will only ever use your data in line with my commitments to you. Should you have any concerns about this, please contact me at the
JLW Help Desk.

My Communications

I will never contact you directly except in response to an enquiry from you and using the methods for which you have given your clear consent.

Sharing Your Data

I will never sell your details to any other individuals or organisations.

If you have given your specific consent for me to share your data, it will only be to specific individuals or organisations for whom you have given your explicit consent.

Keeping Your Details Up To Date

If you change your email address or if any of the other information you have previously provided changes in any way please contact me using the 
JLW Help Desk Form.


I know how much trust you place in me when you share your personal data since I value my own privacy. Because of that I place great importance on the security of your personal information and will always take appropriate precautions to protect it.

This website uses industry-standard software protection for secure communications. Your personal information, such as your name and email address, is securely encrypted so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet. While on the secure
Help Desk Form page, the lock icon on Web browsers such as Firefox and Chrome indicates this.

Even with all these precautions, no data transmission over the internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. So, whilst I strive to protect your personal information, I cannot guarantee the security of any information which you disclose to me online and you must understand that you do so at your own risk.

Website Tracking

The JLW website does not track any browser access so, for example, I do not record the date, time or the IP address used and therefore there is no linkage to any personal data you have shared. The only tracking information I gather is the anonymous total number of hits on the website.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of information sent by a web server to a web browser, which enables the server to collect information from the browser. The JLW website does not utilise cookies since I assume that you are the best judge of how to navigate the webpages that are of interest to you.

Internet-Based Transfers and Processing

The Internet works as a global environment. This means that using it to collect and process personal data often involves the international transmission of data and, on occasions, processing of personal data by third parties (including social media companies) outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Indeed you, and therefore your browser, may also reside outside of the EEA.

Whilst this may happen, you can be reassured that the data will always be held securely and in line with the requirements of UK data protection legislation. However, I want you to be aware that by communicating electronically with me, you understand and agree to my processing of personal data in this way. If you do not agree to your personal data being processed by email and website host servicing companies, please do not use this site if you intend making use of the 
JLW Help Desk Form.


I may make changes to this policy from time to time. Please revisit the policy whenever you want to confirm how I use your personal information on a current basis.

Access To Your Personal Information

Under the
General Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to request and be sent:

  • confirmation that your data is being processed;
  • access to your personal data; and
  • other supplementary information that we hold about you.

You can make a request by the 
JLW Help Desk Form. However, I reiterate that the only information that I hold will be that which you have explicitly provided through your communications to the website.

Your Rights and Acceptance of this Policy

By communicating with the site via the
JLW Help Desk Form, you consent to the collection and use of the information you provide by the JLW in accordance with my Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to this policy, please do not use the site Help Desk Form.

Any personal information submitted via my website is treated in accordance with current UK data protection legislation (from May 25 2018). To find out more about your entitlements under the current and future data protection legislation, visit
the Information Commissioner's website .


Privacy Policy for Minors

I make no distinction in my treatment of minors since I do not want to exclude under-18s from gaining spiritual enlightenment from my work. However, minors should always ask a parent or guardian for permission before sending personal information to anyone online.


Information Retention

I will hold your personal information on my system in perpetuity. If you ask for your personal information to be deleted I will effect such request within one month and will email confirmation of deletion to you. This will, however, retain your email address to confirm all previous communications have been deleted.



Whilst I will take all reasonable steps to protect and secure your personal data, I cannot guarantee the confidentiality of any messages transmitted between you and myself via email as these are potentially accessible by the public. I will not be liable to you or anyone else for any loss relating to any email message sent by you to me or by me to you.


Sensitive Information

When using the 
JLW Help Desk Form, you may choose to provide me with information which is defined as sensitive personal information under the terms of the Data Protection Act 2018. Examples of sensitive information include details of your ethnicity or state of health. As with all the personal information which you provide to me, I shall use and store this information carefully in accordance with this privacy policy.


This privacy policy is governed by the laws of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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