LW Basic Beliefs Encoded in the Scriptures


The topic of the 'Lords' Witnesses (LW) Basic Beliefs' has been set me as a church commission by Gordon, the LW President. Whilst the official text on these beliefs can all be reached, several screens down, on the home page of the True Bible Code (TBC) website at http://www.truebiblecode.com/ or from the links provided for each section below, Gordon wanted my own take on presenting these beliefs to the world in a relatively more easily digestible form. These web-pages are largely focussing on the Basic Beliefs of baptised Lords' Witnesses however, given the importance of the understanding of the baptism itself, I have also included this pre-baptismal belief. The numbering below matches that on the TBC Home page for ease of cross-reference.  On this page you will find summary bullet points on each of our core beliefs to whet your appetite. My intention will then be to direct the interested reader to my own detailed analysis of each belief which are in various stages of development at the time of publishing this summary web-page. The level of similarity that these detailed web-pages will have to the main TBC web-site will vary according to how fundamental and readable I determine the official text to be.

In reviewing these basic beliefs as part of this exercise, I found myself challenging why these beliefs are so fundamental to the understandings of this church. The reasons are hidden in plain sight. As far as we are aware, no other church in existence today has any of these beliefs. The main rationale behind why we differ from all the other churches in our understandings of God's plans for us is that we have been blessed to ascertain the nature of the True Bible Code together with our living active work to research the true and hidden coded meanings in the Scriptures. From this, it is becoming ever more clear to me that the Lords' Witnesses are the Fourth and only True  Christian Church in existence today. I now present you with the summary bullet points for each of our basic beliefs; let the reader use his discernment in these understandings:
Minimum LW Belief Step 5 - Understanding Your Baptism

The official LW Church text can be found at:


  • Baptism is generally misunderstood due to deliberate bible mistranslations of the Greek word for ‘into’ as ‘in’.
  • Baptising ‘into’ the name of Jesus is the entry into his family name thereby becoming part of Jesus’ family. The baptismal name determines which salvation covenant the recipient benefits from.
  • There are two types of baptism: water and spirit. Past sins are washed away by a water baptism; future sins are washed by spirit baptism.

The interested reader will find the JLW's detailed workings of this understanding at:
Minimum LW Belief Step 5 - Understanding Your Baptism

Belief 1 - Hell is a Sin Bin and God Will Save Every One of Us Eventually

The official LW Church text can be found at: http://www.truebiblecode.com/intro14.html.


  • There are two deaths for mankind. The first death is the death of our physical bodies (the grave or Hades).
  • We are awakened from Hades either as righteous ones to life in the Kingdom or as the unrighteous into some form of punishment. This latter is the second death, Gehenna or Hell.
  • The term of the second death is not everlasting and is determined by the unrighteous ones’ good behaviour.
  • The nature of Hell is that each human spirit has to share a body with numerous other spirits (in the manner of Legion) so they lack the freedom of a whole soul whilst able to view those enjoying their lives in the Kingdom.

The interested reader will find the JLW's detailed workings of this understanding at: Belief 1 - Hell is a Sin Bin.

Belief 2 - 75% Saved into Kingdom

The official LW Church text can be found at: http://www.truebiblecode.com/understanding43.html


  • 75% of the human race will be saved into the Kingdom come Judgement Day.
  • 50% of those saved, the ones that love God, are saved from the destruction of the earth into the heavenly ark.
  • The remaining 25% of those saved, the ones who love their fellow man, are not taken into the ark but are protected through the Time of the Distress of Daniel12 by the angels, whilst remaining on the earth.
  • The remaining 25% that are not saved into the Kingdom, as they neither love God nor their fellow men, are sent to Gehenna, the second death.
  • In each of these salvation covenants, men and women are divided equally.
  • Within the ranks of those saved, the ‘narrow gate’ is for the saints These ones are those saved into the ark that are born again and are sealed spiritually and represent the leadership and priesthood going into the Kingdom of God

The interested reader will find the JLW's detailed workings of this understanding at: Belief 2 - 75% Saved into Kingdom.

Belief 3 - The Two Presences of the Christ

The official LW Church text can be found at: http://www.truebiblecode.com/intro45.html


  • There are two presences each with a gap in it thereby defining four periods of time when Jesus is present although not plainly visible except by a sign of His presence.
  • Those signs are the destruction of the temple in AD70 during the first presence and the end of the world, which is to occur during the second (and current) presence.
  • The First New Covenant (1NC) saints collectively are Jesus' bride thereby representing Jesus’ presences while He Himself is not on the earth.
  • The two presences are split by an absence of 1NC saints with a valid water baptism.
  • The two invisible presences mean two temples of 1NC saints, which equates to two true religions/churches.
  • Christ can also have a ‘coming’ during a presence whereby He is physically present in addition to the 1NC saints.
  • A True Christian Church (TCC) becomes a false church if the 1NC saints within it lose their water baptism.
  • The gap in each presence represents a TCC becoming a false church until such time as it is replaced by the residual faithful 1NC saints, from that TCC, joining the subsequent TCC.
  • TCC1 fornicated with Rome during the first presence to become the Roman Catholic Church, a false church, and the Watchtower (TCC3) fornicated with the UN during the second presence and similarly became a false church.

The interested reader will find the JLW's detailed workings of this understanding at: Belief 3 - The 2 Presences of the Christ.

Belief 4 - The Four True Churches

The official LW Church text can be found at: http://www.truebiblecode.com/intro46.html


  • There have been four water baptisms and four Elijah’s initiating a water baptism. One each for the four true churches.
  • John the Baptist and Paul were the Elijah's of the first presence and Charles Russell and Gordon Ritchie are the Elijah's of the second presence.
  • The President of the Lords’ Witnesses, Gordon Ritchie, claims to be the 4th and last of the Elijah's, the one who has come just before ‘the great and dreadful day of Jehovah’.
  • There were four cornerstones to Solomon's temple and two main rooms, the Holy and the Most Holy, both of which were also square with four corners. These cornerstones represent the four churches each with their two covenants for water and spirit baptisms.

The interested reader will find the JLW's detailed workings of this understanding at: Belief 4 - The Four True Churches.

Belief 5 - The Fall and Fix of Adam and Eve

The official LW Church text can be found at: http://www.truebiblecode.com/intro47.html


  • Adam and Eve each had a human and an associated angelic body.
  • When he sinned by eating the forbidden fruit, Adam lost both his lives as did Eve.
  • Satan lied to Eve leading to the death of both Adam and Eve.
  • Satan also had sexual intercourse with Eve leading to his adulterous expulsion from the Holy Spirit and the birth of Cain, Satan’s human son.
  • Satan was motivated by jealousy of his firstborn human brother.
  • Jesus agreed to give up His own human and angelic bodies as a ransom for those lost by Adam.
  • When Adam and Eve were sentenced to death, their bodies started to age and they eventually died. Humans today still share in their forefather’s mortal Adamic body.
  • Jesus’ ransom will allow all of mankind to redeem their original indefinitely lasting human and angelic bodies, subject to their own individual good behaviour.

The interested reader will find the JLW's detailed workings of this understanding at: Belief 5 - The Fall and Fix of Adam and Eve.

Belief 6 - Sleep, Death and the Heavenly Modem Link

The official LW Church text can be found at: http://www.truebiblecode.com/understanding255.html


This is an LW understanding which the JLW has a difference of opinion on with the Church President. It is therefore, at the current time of writing, a work in progress awaiting a full discussion with Gordon. This is a sign of a living church that is not lead blindly by its leadership but is encouraged to seek the truth regardless of where that might lead. Watch this space!

Belief 7 - Our Destiny is to Become Gods like Jehovah and Jesus

The official LW Church text can be found at: http://www.truebiblecode.com/intro27.html


  • Jesus became a god and a true son of His father Jehovah, upon His sacrifice on the cross.
  • The Lords’ Witnesses is the only Christian church, that we are aware of, that is bi-theistic in that we worship two Gods today, Jehovah and His true Son Jesus Christ.
  • Jesus was thereby showing us the way to become gods and true sons of Jehovah the Father.
  • The Scriptures do, indeed, confirm that we are all children of God.
  • Needless to say though, as sinners, we all have a lot of work to do to attain the status of becoming gods. This goes through several stages of becoming angels, then members of a Holy Spirit followed by becoming the head of that Holy Spirit as the final step prior to attaining godship.

The interested reader will find the JLW's detailed workings of this understanding at: Belief 7- Our Destiny is to Become Gods Like Jehovah and Jesus.

​​Date of Publication: 22nd April 2020

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