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  1. The Lords' Witnesses (LWs) have discovered the true bible code (see The Bible Code Home). This is a grammatical symbolic code that works on both the Old Testament Hebrew and the New Testament Greek scriptures despite the vast differences in the language structures. This code provides greater meanings to the literal scriptures which, amongst other things, enable us to prophesy events happening in our times; understand God's purpose for mankind and confirm the standing of our church in God's eyes. Our findings to date demonstrate that the Old Testament has as much value for today as the New. This compares with most other Christian churches who believe that the New Testament has effectively replaced  the Old. 
  2. The Jews were God's sole chosen people in Old Testament times. Jews today must wonder about the multitude of Christian churches that abound in the world today and would understandably muse about whether any of them have been 'chosen' by God. The Lords' Witnesses are able to prove from scripture that, since Christ's resurrection, there have been four True Christian Churches of which the Lords' Witnesses is the fourth and last in this system before the Kingdom of God (see [34]  The 4 Slaves of the Master in the 2 Presences, 4 administrations of true Christian Religions appointed by Jesus) .
  3. The Lords' Witnesses celebrate their Sabbath from Friday sun-down to Saturday sun-down. Christ did not invent a new Sabbath for Christians but continued the Jewish practices into which he was born (see item 42 under Fundamental Lords' Witnesses Church Doctrine).
  4. The Lords' Witnesses also celebrate the four main Jewish festivals: (1) The Festival of 'Cakes' aka The Passover or Pesach, the first day of  which is Nisan 15; (2)  The Festival of 'Weeks' or Shavuot on Sivan 6; (3) The Festival of 'Booths' or Sukoth on Tishri 15; (4) The Day of Atonement or Yom Kippur on 10 Tishri (see [209] The 3 Main Christian Festivals, the Second New Covenant celebration, the Angelic Tuxedo Covenant Celebration and the 2NC Pentecost Festival). It also worthy of note here that the Lords' Witnesses measure time from the old Biblical Lunar Calendar which, whilst somewhat different to the present Jewish calendar, nonetheless bears much more resemblance to the latter than the modern Gregorian solar calendar (see [4]  The Abib Biblical Lunar Calendar (ABLC) ).
  5. The LWs understand that a Christian baptism is a cleansing for entrance into a salvation covenant. It is a washing in the blood of the mediator of that covenant. The mediator of a covenant is himself washed in the blood of the validation sacrifice of that covenant. Jesus is the ultimate validation sacrifice since he gave his life as a sacrifice for all men to free themselves from sin thus making them acceptable to God. In Old Testament times this was effectively achieved by the Jews providing regular physical sacrifices and by keeping Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. This day was for the repentance of one's sins for which God wiped the slate clean from the previous twelve months of wrong-doings. The Jew was therefore similarly washed clean throughout the year with physical sacrificial blood culminating in the annual repentance on Yom Kippur.
  6. The Lords' Witnesses consider themselves to be spiritual Jews. In the Old Testament, Abraham was blessed by God before he was circumcised. So God has chosen his favoured ones before the Jewish people were identified through circumcision. In the same way the New Testament tells us in Romans 2:28,29 that a true Jew is one that is circumcised in the heart by spirit not upon the flesh. That must also have been Abraham's original state in God's eyes. 
  7. Very few other Christian churches other than the Lords' Witnesses have established that the Prince named Michael and described in the Book of Daniel in Chapters 10 and 12 is the very same Michael described as the Archangel in the New Testament Epistle of Jude and is the true identity of the spirit of the Messiah Jesus Christ (see [17]  Michael was Enoch and Jesus). So the Old Testament has named our true saviour which neither today's Jews nor most Christians recognise or are aware of.
  8. The LWs can demonstrate that The Holy Spirit is God's heavenly administration, heavenly Jerusalem, the Jerusalem above. It is 144,000 angels covenanted to God as his helper to rule over the heavens and the earth. It is his wife (see [11] The Holy Spirit is God's Wife! ). So Jehovah, the Holy Spirit and Jesus are Father, Mother and Son. You have now met the divine family. The family unit is how God runs everything. This is a message that Jewish family tradition would fully comprehend rather than the illogically defined trinity that many other Christian churches incorrectly profess as their God.
  9. Apart from any other considerations the LWs are the only church, Christian or otherwise, who are able to provide credible answers from Holy Scripture to all of mankind's most searching questions about his existence and the universe in which he lives. As an example many people would question what the bible has to say about pre-historic man. The archeaological evidence clearly shows that mankind has been on the earth for at least 30,000 years, i.e. since well before Adam's creation. We can demonstrate directly from Genesis that mankind WAS created before Adam; we refer to these as pre-Adamic man (see [1] Millions of years of human fossils reconciled with Genesis at last ! ).
  10. Unlike any other church that we know of, Christian or otherwise, we profess that you do not have to be a Lords' Witness to be saved except for those alive at the time of the end of the world. Prior to that you just need to have faith in God and obey your conscience to a reasonable extent and own up to your mistakes. You do not need to be a Christian to be saved. Abraham was given the first promise in Genesis 12  before he got the circumcision and whilst he was outside of any religion. Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Christians, and all people will be saved if they have faith and hold to their consciences and are honest about their mistakes. However the LWs believe that we are now very close to the end, so joining up with our church might represent a good insurance policy!​
  11. As Jehovah God has His wife, the Holy Spirit made up of 144,000 faithful angels, so His son Jesus Christ will also have a wife in the Kingdom made up of 144,000 faithful men who have become angels. We call these 144,000 faithful men the First new Covenant (1NC) Saints (see [511] Will humans really rule over angels?). Today’s physical Jews will be pleased to learn that there are 16,000 Jews who have been under the Law among the 144,000 1NC saints (see [108] The Sanctuary (Temple) Ratio Prophecy). There are of course additional genetic Jews who have not been under the Law amongst the 1NC saints. Since the Jews came into the 1NC first they will be dominating it, because God is patriarchal.​
  12. The Jews had a large number of covenants given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Jacob had 4 wives, Isaac had one wife, Abraham had Sarah as a wife, and Hagar as a concubine and Keturah as both a wife and a concubine. All of these covenants and all of these wives can be shown to be archetypes which foreshadow Christian covenants. So yes, there is more than one Christian covenant. In particular there is a second new covenant for 144,000 people to be kings not in heaven but on earth. These 144,000 earthly kings will be in 1 to 1 correspondence with the 144,000 heavenly kings (the 1NC Saints) in the kingdom of God. The Lords' Witnesses are the church of the second new covenant (see [35] The Second New Covenant and [11] The Second New Covenant, The Covenant of Keturah and of Rachel).
  13. The Lords' Witnesses do not have a monopoly on correct bible interpretation. No religion, whether true or false, ever has. The holy spirit can give a true interpretation to anyone with faith who can read. Being a true religion does not mean that you get everything right. The LWs believe passionately in doctrinal repentance. We are the church of 1,000 corrected mistakes, and that is why our interpretations are so good. We do not believe in a church doctrine laid down in stone by founding fathers, and not changed for eons thereafter. Christian churches who follow the so called apostles creed today are fossilized and dead and therefore false churches. Every Lords' Witness is a potential founding father of the church, today and tomorrow, with the opportunity to lay a doctrinal foundation stone or to remove one that should not be there. So we publicly admit doctrinal and chronological and prophetic mistakes. Any church which does not admit mistakes is not a Christian church, because if you follow Christ, you are repentant. Repentance is a principle that does not only apply to individuals, it applies equally to entire administrations or congregations and churches. Jesus said that we must become as little children if we are to enter into the Kingdom of God. Well little children trip up a lot. And they do not try to hide it.
  14. The LWs believe that the bible contains the minimum set of laws that mankind needs to obey in order to live in a morally sustainable way. If any society of free willed beings continually breaks any one of the 10 commandments or one of the further two laws of Moses that Jesus elevated to the status of a commandment, then it will annihilate itself. Mankind is beginning to learn that we have no future unless we live in an environmentally sustainable way. We are beginning to learn how not to destroy our planet. True Christianity is God's attempt to teach us how not to destroy not only our planet but ourselves also.
  15. The LWs consider that faith is not a blind belief in the logically unsupportable or the scripturally unprovable. It is not believing what your church has believed for hundreds of years nor is it accepting what your priest says. In the New Testament Paul defines it thus: 'Faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities though not beheld' (Hebrews 11:1). In other words faith is what you see with your mind, from the scriptures, which you cannot see with your eyes. It is what the bible assures you is true, but for which there is little physical evidence from this world. It is having the courage of your spiritual deductions.

As you may already be aware from elsewhere on this web-site (see A Spiritual Journey) the Web-Master is a physical Jew who has been searching for spiritual  truth for most of his life. He has found it, he believes, not only through studying Christianity in general but by eventually settling on a specific denomination of Christian church that he believes has been chosen by God to lead his people into and beyond the destruction of this world through Armageddon and into his glorious thousand year Kingdom. Does this sound like the final grand passover or what guys?

It is interesting to note that the very laudable group 'Jews for Jesus' (see, who are an excellent evangelical group trying to bring Jews to know their Messiah, appear to think that all Christian churches are much the same. Given the plethora of different Christian churches and the parallel that there is when one looks at the various Jewish denominations ranging from the Ultra-Orthodox to the Liberal this is probably not surprising. I started out that way but I now believe that there has always only ever been, at most, one true church or people in God's eyes at any one time in history. In Old Testament times God only worked through a single mediator to his people. If our God is a living God why would he change this modus operandi now? In the view of the Lords' Witnesses he has not and that at times throughout history, when there has been any true church in existence, there has only been one in place at any one time and these total four since Christ sacrificed his earthly life for mankind. Needless to say the LWs believe that they are the fourth and last True Christian Church in this system and will be the church that God mediates through to lead mankind into his kingdom. Scriptural evidence for this proposition is provided at:, although the casual reader may find even this introductory site hard work if he does not have a bible trained mind. If confused by this material please ask your questions by emailing the Jewish Lords' Witness Help Desk. Keep knocking and you will find the true church.

Here are some compelling reasons why a Jew searching for his saviour should feel that the fourth True Christian Church of the Lords' Witnesses provides him with a religious home far closer to his roots than he would be likely to find in any other Christian congregation. The reason for this is that the LWs recognise the power of the Old Testament scriptures to a far greater extent than any other Christian denomination as far as we know.

Whilst the majority of Lords' Witnesses originate from the ranks of the Jehovah's Witnesses (the Third True Christian Church of the current system of things) or from other Christian denominations, they nonetheless consider themselves to be spiritual Jews. After all their spiritual king, Jesus Christ, is a Jew not a Christian.

Anyway check the following observations and see what you think of your fifteen reasons to be cheerful:

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